Freight Broker Training: Everything You Need to Know

Freight Broker Training: Everything You Need to Know

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Freight broker training – from online freight broker courses to coaching and consulting, there’s tons of products and solutions out there for anyone looking to launch their career in the freight brokering or logistics world.  What do you need? What will you learn? and, What do we recommend? 

People are flocking to the logistics and supply chain field as entrepreneurs, and they want training to help them succeed.  If you’ve looked into training options for freight brokers and want to know what’s what, this article is for you. 

What Training is Required

As crazy as it might sound, there’s absolutely no requirement for freight broker’s to be trained or a certified in order to start a freight brokerage or become a freight broker.  Stock brokers and insurance brokers need a certification, so why not freight brokers?  It’s not a crazy question. The only real requirement is to be granted a legal operating authority, which requires a few steps, and you can learn more about that in our other videos.

Even though you don’t need to be officially trained or certified as a freight broker, you’ll likely fall flat on your face if you have no direction or idea of how this job works.  This is exactly why there’s a plethora of broker training courses offered from various sources.  The problem here is this: how do I know what one to take if I decide to take one?

What to Look For in Training Programs?

Ensure you select a reputable freight broker training program taught by experienced individuals in the industry, such as Freight 360’s Freight Broker Basics Course developed in collaboration with DAT, a leading expert in freight broker technology and software. The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) also offers reliable solutions for new brokers. Consider the credibility of the source before choosing your training to avoid potentially unreliable courses from unknown individuals.

What Will You Learn?

The freight broker training we provide covers the basics of being a freight broker, including setup, customer prospecting, job tasks, and admin duties. Our course, Freight Broker Basics Course, provides in-depth guidance, starting with company setup and licensing, followed by acquiring customers and winning business. We also explain finding carriers, understanding trucking companies, and the necessary skills of a good broker. Lastly, we cover back office tasks like invoicing, payments, and team hiring. This comprehensive journey of our freight broker training program establishes the foundations for starting a successful freight broker business.

What Else Will You Need?

Freight broker training without follow-on guidance is ineffective. Freight broker training courses often fail to provide coaching or support during or after completion. Having a coach or mentor who works in the industry is crucial for success and growth. Continuing education and learning from others who have experienced similar challenges is key. Coaching sessions have been launched for members, with positive feedback. Course students receive a free month of coaching to determine its suitability. Success in this field requires hard work, especially in the first six months. The community aims to share knowledge and answer questions to support individuals in their career journey.

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