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December 17, 2021

DAT Webinar Recording Now Available

On 12/15/21, Nate Cross and Benjamin Kowalski hosted a webinar for DAT Freight & Analytics titled "The 3 Step Program to Close More Freight Business in 2022" which is now available for everyone to view on YouTube. Check out the link below to watch the recording.

The 3 Step Program to Close More Freight Business in 2022

December 9, 2021

Webinar: The 3 Step Program to Close More Freight Business in 2022

Don't forget to signup for our upcoming webinar with DAT next week.  December 15th at 12:00 noon EST, we're presenting "The 3 Step Program to Close More Freight Business in 2022" so make sure to signup using the link below.  We'll be recapping October's webinar briefly in case you missed it, and then we'll dig right into the content.  We're even doing a live demo on some tools you can use to help with your growth.

Register Here

November 2, 2021

DAT Webinar Material Available Now!

If you missed our webinar last month with DAT on how to find more shippers, you can view the slide deck in the downloadable section of our website at anytime or download it directly using the link below.

5 Easy Strategies to Get More Shippers

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Episode 140: Protecting Against Bad Debt (with Matt Perkins)

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Episode 139: Creating Your Sales Pipeline

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Episode 138: Brokering Freight in a Shifting Market

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April 27, 2022

How and When to Hire for your Freight Brokerage?

Bringing on a new hire has the potential to transform your business. Whether you're hiring your first employee of adding a new member to your team, it's critical to find the right match for the position and culture. But starting from scratch can be intimidating. That's why we've outlined the process and where to go to find those candidates.

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April 21, 2022

How To Develop Yourself Into an Advanced Freight Broker

Everyone wants the silver bullet to success. The recipe that we can apply to every situation and get a win. Well in this blog we'll teach how to go from being a student to an advanced freight broker now!

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April 14, 2022

Which 3PL Associations Should You Join?

There’s all kinds of organizations and certifications out there for freight brokers, but which one’s do you really need to be a part of and what do they really do for you? In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the most common ones out there.

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May 14, 2022

Freight Broker Software: How to choose the best one! [2022 UPDATE]

May 13, 2022

Protecting Against Bad Debt - Episode 140 (with Matt Perkins)

May 6, 2022

Creating Your Sales Pipeline - Episode 139

May 4, 2022

Should you start hiring for your Freight Brokerage? - Where to find candidates? When to hire? -

Our Hosts

Nate Cross

Nate Cross is a graduate of Business Management at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. He began his logistics career in the US military in 2005 and continues to serve as a logistics officer in the Army National Guard.  After working for an asset-based LTL company, he transitioned into freight brokerage in 2014. Nate started a podcast focused on freight brokering in 2019 called "The Midnight Freight Broker" to create a fun and educational conversation about the world of freight.  In 2020, he joined forces with Ben, and together they rebranded the venture to Freight 360.

Benjamin Kowalski

Benjamin Kowalski is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. Where he earned his Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics. He did graduate coursework at Carnegie Mellon focused on Entrepreneurship. He now coaches and consults with clients in the US and Europe. Ben’s mission is to help others become the best versions of themselves through overcoming their self-limiting beliefs, fears, and diving headfirst into their goals. His passion is to develop leaders through coaching and compassion.


Ben was an incredible support during my first year and held me accountable to maintaining a high level of activity. Ben helped me to set, achieve, and exceed my goals such as getting MDRT and qualifying for a quarterly incentive trip -- goals that I would not have set without his encouragement and insights. Additionally, he helped me to sharpen sales-specific skills such as closing and making a good introduction. He also made a point to help me break down the sales cycle and create processes and systems to ensure consistency in activity and results. Being a very analytically minded person, I found it very helpful.

Nicholas Cummons

“Love the insight, humor, and direction that these two convey!  They are a great duo, and both are well versed in transportation and logistics!  Thank you for your words of wisdom, and your guests are well picked and moderated!”

Anthony Evans

“A college education in Freight Brokering for FREE.  Nate and Ben do an amazing job sharing their insight into the freight broker business. Whether you are a beginner looking to start a career in freight or you own your own brokerage, listening to Nate and Ben will help you learn many tips and tricks of the trade. They are able to break down the complicated and make it simple to understand. 100% worth the listen.”

Matt W.

Benjamin is such a great coach.! If you are looking to be a better executive, increase your productivity and boost your business revenue, definitely Ben is the go to coach that you are looking for to transform your life and your professional career I also encourage everyone in the logistic industry to listen his podcast Freight 360.! I am constantly grabbing golden nuggets on every episode..! Ben keep sharing your content.!! You are transforming people’s life and making a great contribution to the world.!

Francesco Campione

I have been working with Ben for 1 month. I have been instilling all of the training and tips that he is providing into my existing sales team. We have already experienced an uptick in sales and referrals...but even better than the numbers, my reps are having more fun and spending less energy. We are excited to continue the journey. Ben has an abundance of knowledge and delivers it in bite sized pieces and reinforces the strategies every time we speak

Curtis Bailey

Being trained by Ben was excellent. He didn't give me just generic busy work, but really catered to what I needed as an individual. As a result I had the best year in my career and would recommend his services for anyone wanting to get ahead in freight brokering.

Scott Burrows

Ben at Freight 360 has been providing me coaching services for a couple of months. Although I've provided transportation services for over a quarter of a century (15+ years as Landstar agent, 10+ as broker) I had been neglecting sales and marketing duties. I was too busy working IN the business and not ON it. Ben has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses which has built my confidence back up. Further, he's helped me better organize myself so that I can efficiently and effectively reach out to prospects. I look forward to continuing work with him in order to enhance my skills and learn more about what other brokers are experiencing. I highly recommend working with Ben whether you've been in the business for a long time or are just thinking about opening your own brokerage.

Martha Brown

freight 360 group Coaching is awesome for anyone who is in the transportation industry, it doesn't matter if your a novice broker like myself, agent or vet who's looking to 10x your knowledge base, and or earnings. Benjamin Kowalski and Nate Cross offer a very intimate interactive comprehensive approach to overcoming any apprehensiveness or other road blocks that may exist. Coming from a background outside the trucking industry, I'm thankful that i have not one but two mentors who are both knowledgeable and giving. The knowledge they're imparting, is a blessing. I'm ready to start this journey with their help. Make sure you join their free podcast F360. I'm looking forward to this journey. Just to give you a gem my first coaching session happened while i was driving to the airport , i had my son taking notes. we covered a lot of ground so i will leave you with this make sure you know the load to truck ratio and what drives the market and if my son can take good notes so can you :) Godspeed.

 Bowshawn Mack

I am taking coaching classes from Benjamin and Nate from Freight 360. I learn about niche, CRM and TSM, which I never learned from any freight broker school. After taking freight broker courses, I do not know what to do next. I was so confused about the whole process. Thanks to Ben who taught me how to start my business, how important to have CRM and TSM and how to target your prospects. I can go on and on about their teaching but I want everyone who is reading this try yourself. One more thing their price are very reasonable also. I highly recommend Freight 360 coaching.

Rajwant Kaur

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