What do you want to know about Freight 360?

Ask away and we’ll fill you in!

Freight 360 was launched in 2019, originally under the title “The Midnight Freight Broker.”  It evolved over time to be more than just a podcast and was rebranded as Freight 360 in the Summer of 2020.  With so much demand for content and education in the freight industry, Nate and Ben set out to create and maintain a premium level of content for brokers from all levels of experience.

Freight 360 is available on iTunes, Spotify, and many other podcasting platforms. You can even listen to it right on our website and watch the video version on YouTube.

We record new episodes weekly and release them each Friday morning at 12:00 AM EST. We also release a listener Q&A bonus episode each Tuesday morning at 12:00 AM EST.

Our course is designed to give you basic information on freight brokering along with plenty of tips and techniques to excel.  Our course is paired very well with coaching along with our weekly podcast and other content.

No – you can still learn in a coaching setting even if you have limited or no experience as a broker.  1-on-1 coaching is a great way to learn from the experts.

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