The Daily Routine of a Freight Broker in 2023

The Daily Routine of a Freight Broker in 2023

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Kickstart Your Day Right

Ever wondered what a typical day as a freight broker looks like? We’re here to give you an exclusive look at the life of a professional freight broker. It all starts with a productive morning routine. Be at your desk, ready to work no later than 7:30 am. Avoid distractions like social media or news and focus on your tasks. You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make when you start early and stay focused!

Top brokers always stay prepared for any surprises. Begin your day by checking messages and emails from the previous day. This could be texts from drivers or overnight requests from customers. Knowing about issues early allows you to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Ensure you’ve contacted all of your carriers that are on the road or scheduled for morning deliveries and pickups. This helps you stay ahead of any potential issues that could disrupt your day.

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Building and Maintaining Relationships

Next, call each of your customers for an update on today’s loads. As freight brokers, we are our customer’s access to the trucking market. Building trust happens during these phone calls. Look out for opportunities like hot loads or missed pickups – these could set you apart from other brokerages.

Post your customer’s load list on DAT as quickly as possible and get those loads covered! Time is of the essence; both you and the trucks need to start rolling to make money ASAP.

Working as a broker is an exciting balancing act. Some days you may be on the phone for hours, securing and selling loads to carriers, while other days may require patience and waiting. The variety is what keeps things interesting!

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Before you begin prospecting for the day, generate leads. Create a list of at least 200 potential prospects. This will help you overcome any feelings of scarcity and improve your prospecting skills.

With your leads prepared, it’s time to prospect. Finding the best time to engage prospects can be tricky. Experiment with different times and days of the week for each region or commodity your business calls on. Keep track of what works to gain an edge in making those crucial connections.

Activity is key in becoming a successful broker! Start with a goal of 30-40 calls per day and increase gradually. Over time, aim for 4-5 days/week at 60-80 calls each. Consistency is crucial to avoid burnout and reach your customer goals.

Lastly, reach out to your customers once more and give them updates on today’s loads. Confirm that everything is running smoothly and ask if they have any new loads ready for transport.

Being a freight broker is a demanding job that requires excellent time-management skills. Despite potential setbacks, one thing is certain: never forget about your prospecting activity!

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