What Does a Freight Broker Do in a Week? | Episode 239

Dive into the life of a freight broker, where orchestrating daily tasks and strategizing becomes an art, akin to conducting an orchestra. We’ll explore everything from the nuances of starting a brokerage and leveraging an early bird approach for success, to the excitement of merging logistics passion with major sports events like the Masters golf tournament. Along the journey, learn the importance of prioritizing, effective problem-solving, and building a robust network, all while navigating the thrilling world of freight brokering.

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00:00 Intro – Freight Broker and Solar Eclipse Updates
00:10:41 How to Start a Freight Brokerage Company
00:23:26 Proactive Problem-Solving in Logistics
00:30:09 A Day in the Life: Routine for Freight Brokers
00:36:47 Time Management: Sales Strategies
00:40:54 Boosting Efficiency in Shipping

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