Freight Broker Prospecting & Sales Funnel Tips | Episode 232

Ever wondered how to build a freight brokering empire with a side of hot chicken? Join me and my fellow broker Ben as we blend anecdotes, strategies, and a bit of sports talk to reveal the secrets of winning clients and mastering sales, all spiced up with local culture from Nashville to Florida. We’ll dive into the art of turning lukewarm leads into loyal customers, share the magic behind effective cold calls, and explore the seasonal swings of the shipping industry. Tune in for a light-hearted yet insightful session on elevating your sales game and growing in the freight world!

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0:00 Freight Broker Prospecting and News
8:32 Understanding the Sales Funnel and CRM
17:31 Effective Cold Call Qualifying Techniques
25:37 Seasonal Produce Sales Strategy and Relationships
33:45 Evolution of Prospecting Strategies
42:35 Mastering Sales Prospecting Techniques

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