Elevate Your Sales Strategy with These Proven Techniques | Freight 360

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with These Proven Techniques | Freight 360

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The two highest paid positions in the US are business owners and top sales performers. Ever wonder if you have what it takes to start your own business? Or thought about what your life would look like if you had the ability to make more money? In this blog, we’ll give you two sales strategies to try today, that can show you what you’re made of, and whether or not you have what it takes.  

Sales Strategy One: The Coffee Discount. 

Yeah, the coffee discount. It all ties into starting a business, which people are like, really? Yes, really. It’s your go to sales strategy anytime you buy coffee tea, anytime you go to a store, even a restaurant, you can do it anywhere.

The Coffee Discount – Scenario

You go up to the counter, you make your purchase, and you say, can I please have 10% off? And then they look at you really strange and you say, well, my coach and this course I’m taking.  They said I should do it. And they keep looking at you weird. They go, let me talk to my manager. OK, sure. You either get your 10% off or they come back and say no, and you get your coffee and you move on. 

I love asking people like, what did you learn about yourself? And everyone always says, I was scared. I had courage because I faced my fear and I realized I can do more things. And it’s not as scary as it seemed. And now you can start applying that in everything.  With your dating, asking someone for a date, and especially in business, which is, hey, will you invest in my company? Hey, will you be my customer? Hey, will you give me feedback? Hey, can I interview you? That’s all this whole life is is asking people things. And if you ask, guess what? You can get. Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask. 

So try this today or tomorrow.  Just make sure you try it the next time you’re buying coffee.  The longer you wait.  The harder it is to start.

Sales Strategy Two: The Compliment Challenge

This is the other sales strategy that’s universal. And I do it. I did it last week. It was actually pretty fun. Its the compliment challenge. The compliment challenge is what it sounds like. And specifically what I like to compliment people on is clothing. the compliment challenge is anytime you see anyone with something nice that you’re like, that’s kind of a nice jacket, cool sunglasses, new shoes. 

The Compliment Challenge -Scenario

So a week ago, I was at the mall. This lady had these shoes on that caught my attention. 

 I like to think about this specifically with these challenges, you have a three second rule. For me personally, as I won’t negotiate with myself. So within three seconds, I have to make the decision to do it. Just go do it. Don’t even think about it. And then by the time you do it, like that was never so scary. And I still have the fear. It’s not like at points, you know, it goes away. Just get a little bit easier over time. 

So this lady was sitting, having lunch with her husband and I felt like, I’m bothering her. I’m definitely bothering. That’s actually a really big misconception in sales. We’re like, we’re bothering the other people. Here’s what’s fascinating. I go up to her. Like, I’m really sorry to bother you guys, but I love your shoes. She’s like, thank you so much. I was like, do you mind telling me where you got them from? So yeah, I got them from Macy’s. I was like, awesome. I think my wife might like this. Have a great day. And she’s like, thank you so much. That was really nice of you. I was like, OK, went back to my chair. And so that’s that’s one of misconceptions and sales is that we’re actually harassing or bothering people when maybe it’s actually a good thing. And people need to maybe reconsider their perception of what a sale is.


It’s all just about getting over the fear of putting yourself out there in a place to be vulnerable. A place where you aren’t certain where the conservation or interaction will take you. Once you’ve mustered enough courage to start the process, it’s always less scary than your mind was making it out to be. The sales strategy’s outlined here are two of the best ways to see if you have what it takes to build a successful company. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re slinging products on the front line of a retail store, or you’re the CEO trying to sell your board on the next big idea. Success in business goes hand in hand with sales

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