Seasonal Produce for Freight Brokers | Episode 236

Unlock the secrets of the produce industry with expert Jeff Lair from Blue Book Services as we slice into the utility of their “Know Your Commodity” tool. This episode is bursting with industry knowledge, from the competitive world of freight brokerage to the perennial charm of asparagus. Whether you’re a veteran in the logistics game or new to the fragrant fields of fresh produce, our conversation is packed with fresh perspectives and juicy details that will keep you engaged and informed.

Feel the excitement of the Players Championship as we recap Scottie Scheffler’s masterful victory, which parallels the strategic moves freight brokers must make to stay ahead in their field. Ben’s personal tales from the TQL trenches offer a glimpse into the hustle of securing year-round business, and together with Jeff, we navigate the shifting seasons of tomato availability, from Florida’s January start to the robust imports from Mexico. It’s a lesson in adaptability and knowing the terrain of your trade.

Finally, we plant ourselves firmly in the tangled logistics of asparagus, from its quirky effects on some consumers to the intricate considerations needed for its transportation. This episode isn’t just about the produce; it’s about building robust connections and understanding market dynamics to boost your business.

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00:00:00 – Introduction to Sports and Industry Updates
00:13:52 – Discussing Seasonal Availability of Tomatoes in the US
00:17:44 – Strategies for Year-Round Freight Brokering
00:20:54 – Tips on Prospecting and Finding Niches in Commodities
00:29:31 – Insights into Tomato and Asparagus Production and Transportation
00:35:04 – Deep Dive into Asparagus: Production, Market Trends, and More
00:47:04 – Simplifying Logistics Brokerage Services: Best Practices and Advice

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