Sales Funnel Management for Freight Brokers | Episode 242

In our latest podcast episode, we dig into key insights for freight brokers navigating the complex landscape of sales funnels. We explore market trends, sales strategies, and client relationship management, starting with a deep dive into factors that impact freight rates and strategies to remain resilient amid market shifts. Ben and Nate share proven tactics like structured meetings and strategic follow-ups that foster deep client engagement and drive sales. The episode culminates with veteran advice on managing the seasonal trends of shipping and building enduring client relationships to propel your freight brokerage business forward.

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00:00:00 – Introduction to Freight360 Podcast
00:10:16 – Anomalies in Freight Market Trends
00:15:03 – Importance of Collaboration in Sales
00:27:40 – Maximizing Prospects and Follow-Up in Sales
00:31:29 – Pipeline Review
00:34:46 – Analyzing Seasonal Trends in Shipping
00:41:59 – Building Relationships for Potential Mergers
00:45:03 – Building Trust Through Personal Connection
00:51:37 – Understanding Customer Lanes for Freight Brokers

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