Automation, AI, and Industry Transformation with Levity Co-Founder, Thilo Huellmann | Episode 233

In our latest episode, Thilo Huellmann , the Co-founder of Levity, shares how automation is revolutionizing the freight industry, from automating mundane email management to enhancing efficiency with advanced data extraction and real-time inbox integration. This innovation not only allows freight brokers to concentrate on building stronger relationships but also transforms customer emails into accurate quotes rapidly, thanks to integrations with DAT and Greenscreens APIs. As we explore Levity’s AI system, we uncover its role in redefining the booking process through seamless TMS platform integration, highlighting a future where AI empowers professionals to drive revenue and innovation in a transforming industry.

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00:00:00 Freight 360 Podcast Guest Discussion
00:13:43 Automation in Freight Forwarding Operations
00:22:02 Automated Quoting Process for Freight Rates
00:29:05 Streamlining Freight Broker Processes & Automation
00:40:48 AI Automation in Freight Brokerages

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