Mastering Freight Sales: Prospecting Calls for Freight Brokers | Episode 234

Dive into the dynamic world of the freight industry with our latest insights on market trends, legislative changes, and a tribute to the heroics on the road, including a semi-truck driver’s dramatic rescue. We cover everything from mastering freight sales techniques and navigating market fluctuations to enhancing communication skills for successful freight sales. Join us to sharpen your skills and stay ahead in the fast-evolving logistics landscape.

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00:00:00 Freight 360 Podcast Updates and News
00:06:55 Adapting to Market Changes in Sales
00:20:20 Supply Chain Sales Strategy Discussion
00:34:01 Effective Communication Strategies in Sales
00:41:33 Effective Ice Breakers and Follow-Ups
00:45:50 Effective Phone Prospecting Strategies

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