How to Properly Vet Motor Carriers: A Freight Broker’s Guide

Welcome to Freight 360, your go-to YouTube channel for insights into the freight brokerage industry. I’m Nate Cross, and in today’s video, we dive deep into the crucial process of vetting motor carriers. This guide is a must-watch for every freight broker aiming to enhance service quality and fortify customer relationships.

What You’ll Learn:

The Importance of Vetting Motor Carriers: Discover why choosing the right carriers is vital for maintaining your reputation and trust in the logistics supply chain.
Legal Checks: Learn how to verify a carrier’s legal authority to operate using resources like the FMCSA’s SAFER Web.
Insurance Verification: Understand the importance of confirming sufficient cargo and liability insurance and how it aligns with your shipment needs.
Inspection History Analysis: Gain insights into why a carrier’s inspection history is key to assessing their operational integrity.
Safety Violations Check: Learn how to scrutinize safety records to ensure high safety standards are met.
Reviewing Online Feedback: Utilize online platforms for a comprehensive understanding of a carrier’s service quality and reliability.
Historical Performance in Your TMS: Assess a carrier’s past performance for a more informed decision-making process.
Equipment and Driver’s Hours Verification: Find out how to ensure the carrier’s equipment and driver’s hours align with your shipment requirements.

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