How Freight Brokers Negotiate in a Down Market | Episode 241

Join us on a podcast journey as we explore the intersection of success in sports and business, starting with a look at Scottie Scheffler’s rise in golf, emphasizing his life philosophy of prioritizing faith and family. We then apply his balanced approach to the freight industry, discussing how maintaining a calm demeanor can be crucial in business. We also delve into the FTC’s latest ruling on non-compete clauses and its impact on business strategies, particularly in navigating tough economic conditions. Lastly, we discuss building strong relationships in the freight brokerage industry, focusing on the importance of trust and communication in forging successful partnerships.

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00:00 – Success in Sports and Racing
11:40 – Non-Compete Rules for Senior Executives
18:13 – Negotiating in Current Down Market
29:42 – Negotiating Freight Rates in the Market
39:08 – Value-Added Pricing Strategies for Brokers
46:18 – Building Trust in Broker-Provider Relationships

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