The Final Mile #5 You Gotta Use a TMS!

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August 22, 2023

The Final Mile #5 You Gotta Use a TMS!

Ashish: “What insurance is needed for my brokerage business?”
Joe: “When you see crazy rates like $1 to $1.50 per mile, do you still call and try to negotiate with a broker? Not only is it an insult, but I lose a lot of faith in the broker right then because they definitely don’t care about me.”
AJ: “Is anybody else getting 10 calls a day from dispatching companies? At what point is it considered harassment?”
Eric: “I’m new and looking to get my broker authority. Do we have to have trucks and insurance?”
Omar: “Do you think shippers should also help vet carriers, or does that responsibility fall exclusively on the brokers?”
Gayden: “Broker here, do any of you use a digital template or form for building your log of transactions? As of right now, me and everyone in my company keeps notes by hand.”

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