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Get in front of your customers by partnering with Freight 360!  Freight 360’s podcast listeners are freight brokering enthusiasts ranging from the novice to the seasoned expert.

The Freight 360 Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Nate Cross and Benjamin Kowalski discussing various topics in the freight brokering industry.  The shows range from 45-60 minutes on average, with each episode focused on a specific topic.  Common show topics include prospecting/quoting, carrier relationships/negotiating, and “how-to” segments covering freight broker tasks by request from our audience. The show includes listener-driven Q&A at the end of each episode.


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Atlanta, GA
Buffalo, NY
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Houston, TX
Miami, FL
Charlotte, NC
Cincinnati, OH
Portland, OR
Tampa, FL

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An interview-style episode that highlights a specific product or service that a company offers.

Available for single or multiple episodes, pricing varies.

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Single episode sponsorship with a 30-second ad spot for your company's product or service.

Available for single or multiple episodes, pricing varies.

Show Sponsor

Advertisement that mentions sponsor during every podcast episode.  Includes links to products and services in the episode notes along with the hosts highlighting the products or services as part of the episodes’ content.

Requires quarterly agreement, pricing varies.
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