Shipping Cauliflower, Peaches, & Pears (with Jeff Lair) | Episode 243

In this episode of our podcast, Jeff Lair from Produce Blue Book returns for an appearance to offer his expert insights into the produce supply chain, focusing on the seasonal nuances of commodities like broccoli, peaches, and pears. We dive into the impact of AI and provide a detailed analysis of the produce supply chain. Jeff also shares essential tips on freight brokerage, the benefits of Produce Blue Book’s resources for credit monitoring and lead generation, and strategies for handling temperature-sensitive shipments. Throughout the episode, we also touch on current sports highlights and the challenges of adapting to new software, making this a comprehensive guide for thriving in the world of produce for freight brokers.

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00:00:00 Podcast Episode Introduction
00:11:54 Insights from Produce Blue Book and Commodity Market Analysis
00:23:35 Current Trends in the Produce Market
00:30:52 Seasonality of Produce and Shipping Tips
00:38:33 Exploring Diverse Commodities and Their Health Benefits

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