How to Transform Underperformers into Success Stories | Freight 360 Tips

🚚 Freight 360 presents an indispensable guide for freight brokerage managers and leaders. Discover our expert 4-step process designed to help you effectively manage underperformers within your team, turning potential setbacks into success stories. Whether you’re a few months into a new hire or questioning your decision, this video provides the insights you need to navigate these challenges with confidence.

👉 What You’ll Learn:

-How to initiate a productive conversation about performance and fit.

-Strategies for encouraging commitment to improvement from underperformers.

-Techniques for defining success in a way that promotes ownership and accountability.

-Setting clear benchmarks for reevaluation and possible next steps.

Freight Brokerage success depends not just on the top performers but on lifting the entire team. With Freight 360’s proven strategies, learn how to elevate underperformers, ensuring your brokerage not only survives but thrives in the competitive industry landscape.

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