Cybersecurity Insights for the Freight Industry (with Erika Voss of DAT) | Episode 250

Ever wondered how cybersecurity intersects with the logistics and freight industry? Discover these critical insights in our 250th milestone episode of Freight 360, featuring an exceptional guest, Erika Voss from DAT. Erika takes us through her unique career journey from physical security and emergency management to championing cybersecurity in the freight world. We share tips to protect you and your brokerage from cyber threats as well, so this is a great listen!

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0:00 – Freight 360 Podcast Special Episode Intro
8:12 – Supply Chain Fraud and Cybersecurity
19:47 – Navigating Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain
30:18 – Protecting Users in Supply Chain Cybersecurity
35:41 – Challenges of Supply Chain Cybersecurity
41:26 – Combatting Supply Chain Cybersecurity Threats
50:44 – Industry Collaboration to Combat Fraud
56:23 – Cybersecurity in Freight Industry
1:04:56 – Empowerment in Supply Chain Security

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