Covering the First Load with a New Shipper | Episode 246

Ever wondered how to find reliable carriers when traditional methods fall short? In this episode of the Freight 360 podcast, we’re not just sharing tips; we’re offering actionable strategies that will revolutionize your freight brokerage approach. From prospecting and carrier sourcing to setting realistic client expectations, we’re covering all the bases to ensure you’re equipped to handle the toughest loads and build lasting client relationships.

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0:00 – Freight360 Podcast Discussion on Industry Updates
14:27 – Freight Broker Prospecting and Carrier Sourcing
21:46 – Setting Expectations in Freight Brokerage
27:09 – Expectations and Hustling in Freight Brokering
33:17 – Setting Realistic Expectations in Freight Brokerage
42:21 – Negotiating Freight Rates and Relationships
50:33 – Effective Carrier Sourcing Techniques

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