Vetting Motor Carriers

Vetting Motor Carriers: A Freight Broker’s Guide

As freight brokers, we are the link between our customers and the transit of their goods. Properly vetting motor carriers is a critical responsibility and we walk you through the steps.

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Mastering Cold Calls: Unveiling the Secrets to Atomic Habits

What is the most effective method to develop the habit of making daily cold calls? We will explore a strategy from the best-selling book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, guide you through the study that inspired this idea, and demonstrate how to implement similar steps to foster better habits for increasing sales calls. If you’re […]

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Advanced Strategies for Prospecting Shippers

In the world of freight brokering, the ability to effectively prospect and secure new shippers is crucial to your success. This requires a nuanced understanding of the market, a strategic approach to outreach, and a commitment to building lasting relationships. Here, we’ll dig deeper into advanced strategies that can elevate your prospecting efforts and result […]

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Motor Carrier

Essential Guide: Verifying Motor Carrier Insurance for Freight Brokers

To sum up, as a freight broker, it’s your responsibility to thoroughly understand and verify the insurance coverage of the motor carriers you work with. Paying close attention to the type of auto liability coverage, especially the ‘Scheduled Autos’ section, is crucial. This due diligence not only protects your business but also upholds the safety and reliability standards of the industry. Remember, an informed and proactive freight broker is a smart freight broker, and that’s one way to set yourself apart from your competition.

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What is a Freight Broker

What is a Freight Broker?

In this blog we will help you understand what is a freight broker and why freight brokers are necessary in the supply chai

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10 Rules to 10X Your Lead Generation with Cold Emails

This blog is going to layout ten rules to amplify lead generation with your cold email outreach. By the end of this blog you will be equipped to refine your cold email approach from a broad strategy to a targeted one. 10 Proven Rules to Multiply Your Lead Generation Tenfold with Cold Emails. This week’s […]

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Why Does a Motor Carrier Open a Freight Brokerage?

Why does a motor carrier open a freight brokerage? Many carriers establish a brokerage to earn the margins charged by freight brokers and to minimize or eliminate their reliance on them. However, this is not the primary reason shippers choose to work with brokers. This misconception leads many carriers to open brokerages that struggle to […]

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What is an NVOCC

An NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) is an entity that provides ocean freight transportation but does not own or operate the vessels used for shipping. They act as a carrier without owning any ships, essentially ‘carrying’ the responsibility of transportation. They purchase space from actual vessel-owning carriers and sell that space to shippers, often consolidating smaller shipments into full container loads.

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What is a Freight Forwarder

In the complex landscape of shipping and logistics, understanding each party’s role is vital, particularly for new freight brokers looking to carve a niche in this space. One term that often surfaces in the logistics world is ‘freight forwarder.’ Today, we’re exploring the world of freight forwarders, discussing a broad overview of their roles, duties, […]

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The Best Way to Prospect Shippers

Here’s a quick look at three ways you can prospect with a purpose and help grow your brokerage prospecting shippers.

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