The Final Mile #6 Why Are Freight Brokers Unhappy?

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August 29, 2023

The Final Mile #6 Why Are Freight Brokers Unhappy?

Hunter: “Are freight agents allowed to work/contract with more than one broker at a time? So if Brokerage “A” does not want to move that load for whatever reason (such as extending credit, etc.), I can go with Brokerage “B”?”

Maysa: “I am looking to change our insurance company, Any recommendations for a good one?”

Lucky: “What causes unhappy sales reps? Been seeing a lot of posts about discontent sales reps at big 3PLs. What’s the attraction to join those places? And what causes you to want to leave?”

Wolf: “Trucker is sharing GPS location and timing as proof for detention. The receipt mentions the check-in time, but he is claiming 4 hours long line before checking in and seeking 5.5 hr detention. GPS data does not identify the truck. What’s the best way to deal with this?”

Ed: “Does posting a load with different cities really increase your chances?”

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