The BEST Freight Broker Tools of 2024 | Episode 252

It’s 2024, and the freight broker world has evolved a TON in the recent years. With that change has come new products and tech tools to help us get the job done. Join us in this episode where we break down our favorite tools for freight brokers. From getting freight rates to preventing fraud, we’ve got you covered.

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0:00 Freight Brokers’ Impact and Misconceptions
6:38 Community Moderators and Sports Chatter
12:07 Preventing Fraud in Freight Brokering
22:28 Freight Rate Tools and Market Insights
31:18 Carrier Sourcing Tools and Strategies
44:09 Enhancing Freight Broker Tools and Strategies
50:15 Efficient Track and Trace Tools
58:33 Leveraging Tools for Business Efficiency
1:08:06 Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

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