Let’s Talk About CFR 371.3c and Why It’s Time for a Refresh

In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, the regulation known as CFR 371.3(c) has sparked debates among professionals, especially in regards to Rate Transparency. Is it still relevant, or is it time for a refresh? Join us, Nate Cross from Freight 360, as we delve into the complexities of this regulation, discussing its impact on freight brokers, shippers, and carriers. We’re here to explore why updating CFR 371.3(c) could be a pivotal step towards modernizing logistics and ensuring transparency, efficiency, and fairness in the industry.

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Key Highlights:

The background and purpose of CFR 371.3(c)
Why it’s considered outdated by some industry professionals
The shift in broker pay and its implications
Analogies with other industries: Understanding market dynamics
The importance of competitive edge and confidentiality
Proposing a modern approach to transparency and efficiency in freight brokering
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