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🚛 How to Spot a Double Broker in Freight Brokering 🚚

Double brokering has been a growing problem in the freight industry, particularly since mid-2022. In the first episode of this two-part series, Nate Cross from Freight 360 shares five crucial red flags to help brokers identify and avoid these bad actors before they commit fraud. From suspiciously high rates to mismatched contact info, learn the warning signs that can save your loads and protect your bottom line.

📢 Key Highlights:

-No Inspection History: Carriers without inspection records are a major red flag.

-Suspiciously High Rates: Rates that seem too good to be true often are.

-Mismatched Contact Information: Always verify contact details with the FMCSA.

-Business Addresses: Be wary of carriers using PO boxes or residential addresses.

-Community Reports: Utilize industry resources and broker networks to vet carriers.

📺 Stay Tuned: Don’t miss next week’s follow-up video, “How to Prevent Double Brokers,” for proactive strategies to protect your business.

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