Freight Claims 101 (with | Episode 245

Join us as Mike Schember and Brad Berlin from unveil their revolutionary three-step wizard for managing freight claims. Utilizing AI and OCR technology, they transform this critical but often complex process into something much more manageable. Tune in to discover the intricacies of freight claims, from legalities and insurance to the pivotal role brokers play in ensuring smooth logistics operations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this episode offers invaluable insights and a fresh perspective on freight claims management.

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0:00 Freight Claims Simplified With FreightClaimscom
11:59 Revolutionizing Freight Claim Processing System
24:08 Freight Claims and Liability Explanation
39:40 Freight Claim Insurance Coverage and Recourse
44:06 Streamlining Freight Claims Process With FreightClaimscom
50:48 Improving Freight Claim Management Process
57:52 Exciting Industry Updates and Support

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