The Final Mile #7 This Screams Double Broker

Freight 360

September 5, 2023

The Final Mile #7 This Screams Double Broker

Spivek: “If a reefer load is damaged due to temperature issues, does my customer file on my bond, and then I need to file a claim with my carrier’s insurance? Or can my customer directly file against the carrier’s insurance?”

Mike: “What is a TONU charge currently?”

Deltric: “How do you get your shot as a freight broker if you don’t have a book of business?”

Party: “What do you expect LTL to look like going to Florida the next couple of weeks?”

Slim: “Can someone explain this to me?  Carrier shows 5 trucks on SAFER, they claim to have 100+, GoHighway verifies those trucks but warns that they are potentially uninsured.”

Karl: “What are the standard quick pay terms for a carrier today?”

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