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If you heard us reference a specific piece of content on an episode or video of ours, you’d be sure to find it here.  If you can’t find something you’re looking for, contact us to add it to our to-do list of new content.

These are the
Downloads We Provide

Produce Calendar

Sample Non-Compete & Non-Solicit Agreement

A sample employment agreement for brokerage owners and employees to understand what a typical non-compete and non-solicit agreement could look like.

*Note: Freight 360 is not a legal entity and this does not constitute legal advice. Always consult an attorney.

Sample Broker-Carrier Agreement

A sample agreement that would be used between freight brokers and motor carriers.

Sample Co-Broker Agreement

A sample agreement that would be used between two licensed freight brokers.

Bill of Lading Template

A sample bill of lading in fillable PDF format.

5 Easy Strategies to Get More Shippers

A copy of the slide deck from the October 2021 webinar between Freight 360 and DAT.

Dispatch Checklist

A fillable PDF that you can use to capture the important shipment and driver information for each load.  This document will help protect you from double brokering schemes and other types of fraud.