Freight Broker Training & Business Coaching with Freight 360

Learn. Grow. Inspire. We specialize in freight broker training and business coaching to make you stand out and become an expert within the transportation industry.of each other.  We inspire and empower others to recognize and overcome their self-limiting beliefs through coaching and mentorship so we can all achieve fulfilled lives and careers. Our aim as a freight broker school is to achieve the highest level of collaboration, efficiency, and personal fulfillment across all facets of the transportation industry. 


Being part of Freight 360 means having top talent at your service and many informative resources at the tip of your fingers. We believe that education must be comprehensive. You will enhance your logistics knowledge while working to improve your sales and negotiation skills.  

We know that making freight knowledge accessible will improve the efficiency of the transportation industry, allowing every party to grow and reach their full potential.

Start learning with us now!

Acquire valuable knowledge

Stay ahead of the curve. Improve your proficiency on everything freight.

Gain confidence

Cultivate your professional skillset and improve your numbers.

Multidisciplinary community

Join a community of like-minded freight brokers and enrich your experience with different points of view.

Our Freight Broker Training

Become a Freight Broker

Our years of work experience are a testament to all the knowledge you’ll acquire during our courses.

Business Coaching

Whether it is private or group coaching, we’ve designed the perfect experience to suit your needs.

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