About Freight 360

Freight 360 was founded on the idea that knowledge and education in transportation should be shared for the benefit of all.  With the creation of our podcast, we realized that this collaboration should extend from the smallest businesses to the largest 3PL companies rather than just a select few. It was there where we found the inspiration to become a Freight Broker School. Our mission is to educate, inform, and provide resources to the entire transportation sector so that we can all operate with a better understanding of each other.  We inspire and empower others to recognize and overcome their self-limiting beliefs through coaching and mentorship so we can all achieve fulfilled lives and careers. Our aim as a freight broker school is to achieve the highest level of collaboration, efficiency, and personal fulfillment across all facets of the transportation industry. 

The Hosts

Nate Cross

Nate Cross began his logistics career in the US military and continues to serve as a logistics officer in the Army National Guard.  In 2012 he joined Con-Way Freight (XPO Logistics) as a freight operations supervisor.  He transitioned into third-party logistics as a business development specialist with Logistic Dynamics, Inc. in 2014. 

He started a podcast focused on freight brokering in 2019 called “The Midnight Freight Broker” to start a fun and educational conversation about the world of freight.  He joined forces with Ben in 2020, and they rebranded the venture to “Freight 360.”  
His career focuses on working with independent freight agents to develop and grow their business books under the umbrella of a larger freight brokerage. In 2020, Nate joined Pearce Worldwide Logistics, where he currently serves as the Vice President of Agent Development & Services.  As a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, he’s always keeping tabs on national sports and incorporates them into the freight broker school and the Freight 360 podcast. 

Benjamin Kowalski

Benjamin Kowalski is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. Where he earned his Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics. He did graduate coursework at Carnegie Mellon focused on Entrepreneurship. He’s maintained a ranking within the top 5% of 5,700 companywide brokers throughout his tenure as a Senior Logistics Account Executive, and established books of business through cold calling to exceed $4.2 million in under 24 months. 

Benjamin is a certified Business Coach with over 17 years of experience in sales, leadership, and management. He now coaches and consults with clients in the US and Europe. Ben’s mission is to help others become the best versions of themselves through overcoming their self-limiting beliefs, fears, and diving headfirst into their goals. His passion is to develop leaders through coaching and compassion. His purpose is to innovate and inspire others to reach their potential.  By providing education, information, and training into the freight broker school and Freight 360 podcast.  So that all parties can operate with a higher level of confidence, efficiency, and understanding.   

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